Sunday, April 10, 2005

Home Loan Disaster Looming

A study done by a Wall Street rating service paints a "scary" picture for many home buyers and mortgage holders. "They allow people to qualify solely on the basis of a low initial payment, rather than what they can truly afford to buy..then the mortgages morph into money-gobbling monsters that can push consumers into payment shock, default and foreclosure almost overnight."

How fast can it change? One example, "Their payment in the 37th month rockets to $2,184, an overnight increase of $917 that would put a severe strain on most new homeowners. In a faster-rising rate environment, the shock would be even worse. By year 10 the owners would be paying close to $2,700 a month."

Readers of this blog won't be surprised to hear this. "Stated-income or no-documentation loans allow borrowers to dispense with the usual proof of income and proof of assets such as bank deposits. Why don't people with W-2 documented salaries want to show them? You guessed it: Many of them are buying houses with price tags they can't really afford. And if the economy falters or their incomes drop, they will be the first into foreclosure."


At 1:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same thing here in Canada. You should see how people buy oversized houses, oversized cars, naturally with an oversized mortgage all financed on a short term basis. Personnally I think people suffer from a mental illness. Seriously US economic system is based presently on madness and it's gone global.


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