Friday, April 01, 2005

Home Builder "Lemon Law" Needed: New Jersey

Most of the discussion surrounding the housing bubble centers on appreciation and sales numbers. But the quality of thousands of recently built homes is becoming an issue in many parts of the country. In New Jersey, a state investigation has recommended serious penalties for violators.

"Rigorous investigation confirmed an astonishing statewide panorama of waste, fraud and abuse..the commission found a system in which the public trust has been thoroughly shaken by graft, by greed and incompetence and by the failure of government to fulfill its fundamental duty to protect the safety and welfare of citizens."

The Ashbury Park Press continues, "Prosecutor John Kaye said more arrests are coming,'What we're talking about in the majority of these cases is where the construction was obviously inappropriate, or there were no inspections done, or there was no way an inspector should have approved the home.'"

"The SCI estimates that thousands of New Jersey homeowners are victims of shoddy construction practices.'We get complaints almost every day of the week, still.'"


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