Friday, March 25, 2005

Looking For A Condo? Grab A Sleeping Bag has posted a readers letter that gives some insight into the mind of todays RE buyer. Typos theirs. "i just spent more than 24 hours camping out on the street to buy a condo...that's what it takes this days to buy a condo pre-construction. i showed up at 9:30am on saturday morning for a sunday 11:00am..offering and was the THIRD person on the line."

First an inspection of the area was in order. "i had gone to walk around the neighborhood to reassure myself it was ok to buy so lost a spot on the line." The nights events would have caused some people to reconsider the location. "crazy stuff happend through thte night too. we got eggs thrown at us from peole at 147 front street (where the sales office is located)."

The writer had to put up with observers who don't understand real estate. "hundreds of people asked 'what are you doing in sleeping bags on the sidelwalk in the middle of the day?' and then laughed at us."

The letter ended without details of a closing, but I suspect all is well. "gotta crash, feeling like sh**."


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Check this out from today's nytimes.

Trading Places: Real Estate Instead of Dot-Coms

At 2:56 PM, Blogger Ben Jones said...

Hey thanks,
I really appreciate links, I spend a lot of time searching and can use the help. I did post on that one, though I just used quotes. See: "This Time Its Different" from this morning...Ben

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